YATA Denmark is proud to announce the 31st edition of the annual Danish Atlantic Youth Seminar (DAYS).

This year’s seminar will be carried out in Copenhagen from March 13th – March 18th and will explore the topic of  ‘Security and Resilience in the Arctic’

The seminar will emphasise future security challenges in the Arctic region. It will look at realistic scenarios of warfare in the region and it will zoom in on the relevant actors and their roles in the securitization of the Arctic. The goal of the course is to educate the future generation of decision makers, and the participants will throughout the course be equipped to make tough decisions about different aspects of security in the Arctic.

The week will host numerous academics, researchers, professionals and representatives from the Danish Defence and the industry. The topics will be presented through lectures and debates, as well as visits to the Danish Foreign Ministry and the Danish Parliament. Additionally, you will formulate and present a policy brief towards the end of the seminar, based on the information gained throughout the program. This will count as the final examination and the diploma will be given on the basis of the policy brief and the group presentation.

Download our DAYS programme or visit our official DAYS18 page here.

DAYS programme

Note: In order to apply to DAYS 2018, please register through the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/hD8se180Q7ZuMFBL2. You will be asked to express your motivation to take part in the seminar as well as to attach your CV.The closing date for applications is Thursday February 15th 23:59 EST.

The participation fee of €120 includes accommodation, lectures, meals and social activities.

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!

DAYS seminar will be carried out by YATA Denmark in sponsorship with:

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