One of many benefits of YATA Denmark is our insightful Study Tours, arranged annually. Over the past three decades, YATA members have travelled to more than 50+ countries, 4 different continents and gained first hand knowledge into some of the most challenging security dilemmas. See how you can be part of our next journey.

The tours comprise institutional visits, meetings with key politicians and journalists, actors from domestic and international government officials, lobbying groups and business representatives. The diversity of stakeholders enables the group to shed light on the selected issues from multiple perspectives, leading to a better understanding of the complexity of policy-making, political behaviour, conflicts and addressed problems in the country visited.

“YATAs study trips gives our members a perfect opportunity to get an insightful knowledge about contemporary security challenges. This way our members get the chance to get acquainted with the complexity of policy making processes in practice.”  Joanna Landsvig – President of YATA Denmark