One of the fundamental pillars of the YATA organisation are the Events and Parties for members and our devoted crew of volunteers. We have a range of events that you can be part of through YATA membership, that not only help you to expand your knowledge, but also your network. 

High quality events are critical to the YATA experience as they provide our members with access to various Danish and international key decision makers. Allowing participants to engage directly with important actors in the field helps them to understand the very process of decision making. Events such as “Ambassador Club” and  “Meet the ambassador” provide our members exactly that.

temadag ho 2
Danish officers at the YATA event

The “Ambassador Club” is a special club consisting of former Danish ambassadors who share their personal work experience and analytical views on contemporary challenges of the 21st century. The Club’s casual atmosphere creates the perfect environment for young professionals to ask questions, follow the interesting discussion and expand their overall awareness of the decision making process. The overall goal of this event is to bring some of the key areas of Danish security-related interests from a global perspective to our participants’ attention, while at the same time, creating a better understanding of what it means to be a diplomat for the Danish Foreign Ministry.

“YATA events are a perfect place for anyone who wishes to learn more about international relations and security and at the same time, expand their network of ambitious young professionals.” Kamal Aghayev – Vice President, YATA

Former Israeli ambassador, Barukh Binah

“Meet The Ambassador” is another unique service we offer to our members. This event is the perfect chance to meet a foreign ambassador who is representing interests from his/hers country in Denmark. Meeting foreign ambassadors gives the participants a chance to try his/hers diplomatic skills and at the same time, offers participants insightful knowledge on bilateral relations and cooperation areas with Denmark.

YATA Denmark also offers various relevant events with internationally recognised experts in collaboration with ATA and Danish National Defense. Please like us on facebook and stay tuned with our upcoming events.

As a member of the YATA organisation, you will not only get access to our special events but also to our awesome parties! At least twice a year, the board arranges parties that usually take place before Easter and Christmas. The goal of these parties is to boost team spirit, celebrate volunteers  and introduce new members to the organisation. Our events and parties are accesable to everyone between the age of 18-35, with active membership.