Danish Atlantic Youth Seminar (DAYS) has been an annual attraction for young people interested in international politics and security ever since its launch in the 80s. Together with The Danish Atlantic Treaty Association we strive to address contemporary security issues.

DAYS 2018 takes part in Copenhagen March 13th – 18th and will take on the complex topic of ‘Security and Resilience in the Arctic’. We will explore:

  1. Possible scenarios for future warfare in the Arctic region
  2. Actors involved in the Arctic region
  3. Future strategic, political and economic consequences for relevant actors in the Arctic region
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 The week will host numerous academics, researchers, professionals and representatives from the Danish Defence and the industry. The topics will be presented through lectures, debates and visits to the Danish Foreign Ministry. Additionally, you will formulate and present a policy brief towards the end of the seminar, based on the information gained throughout the program.


This will count as the final examination and the diploma will be given on the basis of the presentation.We invite everyone with an interest in international and security politics to apply. The seminar is aimed at students and young professionals between 18 and 35 years of age. Note that priority will be given to first-time participants from European countries.

This seminar is sponsored by the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association, Tuborgfondet, Danish Institute for International Studies, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Defense.

DAYS18 Program:



How to apply:

In order to apply to DAYS 2018, please register through the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/hD8se180Q7ZuMFBL2. You will be asked to express your motivation to take part in the seminar as well as to attach your CV.

The participation fee of 120 includes lectures, accommodation, meals and social activities at the seminar.

Information and updates regarding DAYS 2018 will be shared though the DAYS2018 Facebook event. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Head of DAYS Mathilde at mathilde.a.olstad@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you!