YATA Denmark was founded in 1986. Our parent organization, with whom we have close cooperation, is the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), established in 1954. Since its founding, ATA has developed 37 chapters internationally.

YATA Denmark represents the National Chapter in Denmark. Read more here about Atlantic Treaty Association and YATA international .

There are several youth organizations and institutions in Denmark that deal with security, defense and foreign policy issues. At YATA Denmark, we believe that by working together as opposed to competing, we can complement each other’s work towards the benefit of both our organization and civil society in general. atlant

Therefore, YATA Denmark participates in various collaborations on events including Danish Model United Nations, International Policy-NOW (AU), International Debate (KU), United Nations Youth Association, Policy Forum (KU), Network for Strategic Studies (KU), among many others.

Our close association with the Danish National Defense allows additional exclusive events with the cooperation of the Naval Academy, Military Academy, Special Forces and Frogman Corps.