YATA Denmark is a youth organization aiming to share knowledge and generate dialogue on security and foreign policy issues. 

History & background
YATA Denmark was founded in 1986. Our parent organization, with whom we have close cooperation, is the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association (Atlantsammenslutningen), established in 1950. DATA is a national chapter of ATA, which has developed 37 national chapters since is foundation. Besides being a chapter of DATA, YATA Denmark is also a member of YATA international.

Key aspects of YATA Denmark:

  • Voluntary work is what drives YATA Denmark. Our team of dedicated students and young professionals contribute their free time to improving the debate on security. Because we are young, we also aim to have fun while doing so. And we would always like to welcome new volunteers. Contact us at yata.danmark@gmail.com
  • Events & Research are our core activities. This is how we involve the Danish youth in security, rooted in out sincere belief in information and civil dialog. Our events enable youth to engage with senior academics and military professionals within the field of security. Our events include informative talks, Ambassador visits, visits to embassies, briefings with the National Defense and visit to the Frogman Corps.
  • Meeting like-minded youth is central to us. The team behind YATA Denmark are young and passionate about security and international politics, and we wish to enable other young people who share these interests to meet, engage and build relations with like minded young people.

Security policy issues affect many parts of Danish society, from military and commercial collaborations to energy supplies and diplomatic relations with potential consequences of disease epidemics, migration and climate change. Therefore, we believe security is too important to be left to politicians alone, hence the need to facilitate debate in civil society – not least among young people.
We strive to enable university students, cadets and graduates under 35 years of age to engage with political, military and security experts.