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Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Denmark (YATA) is a volunteer-driven youth organization for young people, who are interested in security and foreign policy.

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I believe it has always been important to work on our security, but in recent years with Putins build up of Russian forces, the invasion in Eastern Ukraine and threats against the Baltic States, together with terrorists threats, Brexit and Trump it is more important than before to understand the mechanisms and discuss what to do. That is why YATA is important.


Per Carlsen, Senior Advisor, Baltic Development Forum. Previous Ambassador in Vilnius, Moscow and Riga

I think it is important for young people to know about what the 21st century security environment looks like, who the actors and international organizations are, and what their purpose and intentions are. To this end organizations like ATA / YATA play an important role in providing a practical and hands-on approach to and knowledge about for example NATO and the broader security architecture that Denmark is a part of.

Thomas Elkjer Nissen, Special Consultant Royal Danish Defence College (Former co-chair of YATA Denmark, and current member of ATA board of trustees)